July 29, 2008



Here are some hackings I made in my spare time.


A full featured chm reader on Mac. Support search, tab view, back and forward, text zoom, index, exporting to pdf and a lot of other features. iPhone/iPod touch version is also available at App Store.

Cocoa Web Resource

A file transfer solution for iPhone and iPod Touch. Support uploading, download and delete files via browser.


A ruby gem documement viewer for Mac OS X.


A command line cheat sheet utility based on git. Inspired by cheat.

More than 200 built in cheat sheets. Easy to access and manage. Easy to share via git. Private cheat sheets supported.

More on Github

================Following hacks are deprecated=========================

Friend by Outline

An idea of friend action aggregator. It’s kind of like what’s in friendfeed.com but only I implemented it as a plugin of wordpress two years before Friendfeed.


A Firefox clone with enhanced IE compatibility. I didn’t udpate it anymore.

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